Dairy Yotov was founded in 1994. Its main activity is the production of dairy products.

Dairy Yotovi is located in the town of Sliven, at the foot of the Eastern Balkan Mountains, which is 30km from the national park Blue Stones and 110 km west of the Black Sea. This is one of the constantly growing family companies in the region. For more than 15 years now, Dairy Yotovi is producing one of the finest Bulgarian cheese based on traditional Bulgarian technology for both the cheese from cow milk and the cheese from sheep milk. The  high quality finished products produced from Dairy Yotovi are  based on continuous improvements, total control at every stage of the manufacturing process, and full implementation of all national and European rules and regulations. Yotovi products are consumed with delight and they embody the health and longevity in every drop of milk.

Diary Yotovi spesializes in semi-hard cheeses - cow cheese and sheep cheese. Dairy Yotovi is also producing butter and curd. The whole range of products  is obtained by processing 100% raw milk without any additional vegetable fats. We are meeting the criteria of our clients for high quality products. The products are manufactured, stored and transported under constant control.

Product safety and quality  is guaranteed by the international food certificate IFS (International Food Standard v 5.0), ISO 9001:2008, HACCP DPP. Part of the production of Dairy Yotovi is exported to USA, Australia, Canada, Lebanon, and also to some EU countries such as - Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Romania.
Our customers are looking for high quality and healthy food.



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