Curd is a product made from cow's milk whey and salt. Curd is a concentrate of milk protein albumin and globulin, and as such it is a source of essential amino acids, calcium and phosphate salts, vitamins of group C. No added preservatives and stabilizers. The total fat content of the product does not exceed 1%. Low fat and salinity make Yotovi's curd extremely suitable for any health diets. Curd, referred to by the nutritionists' as the "nurse of the liver" is extremely cheap. At this point someone might say - the curd is still pretty bland. True, but it can easily turn into something very, very tasty.

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package QTY in a box Boxes on a palette Palettes in a container
13 kg
1 60 33

Few Recipes With This Product

Curd with garlic and dill

Add a few tablespoons of yogurt to 0.5kg of curd. Season with potassium salt and white...

Curd with paprika and onion

Gratе an onion on a fine grater. Add 0.5kg if curd, some yogurt, salt, white pepper and a...

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Nutrition Facts

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Salt:0 g0.00% GDA*

*GDA - Guideline Daily Amount